Our doctors will consult you on what’s best through their own experience who were once students like everybody else.

Career Assurance

Upon graduation, students are ensured of a job regardless starting their own clinic or working with Medic ED.

Environment Assimilation

We provide language and cultural classes for students to adapt into new environment.

Doctors as Advisors

Our advisors consists of experienced doctors who can relate and understands students.

Financial Assistance

We’re providing loans of RM500K a year with interest free

*T&C Applies

Student Services

Our listed universities are always there for you especially for foreign students. So no more worries studying and living abroad.

Our Universities Are Widely Recognised In Malaysia Especially By:

Welcome Message

Your life-changing career as a doctor starts here today!

Founder Dr Lau HM KL. M.D. (CSMU) - Founder of Medic ED

Congratulations on completing high school. We know it has been a long, difficult path to get to this point, but you have made it to the beginning of a life-changing experience.

What we hope for now is the best next stage of your education life especially if you’ve taken the decision to be a doctor. We as doctors now have only this advice to share that you’ve been blessed to be on this path. Respect the responsibility you’ve been given and always treat your patients as you hope to be treated.

Now go out there and be the best doctor you can be!


Success Stories

  • I am Agilaandeswari Vasuthevan ,currently 3rd year medical student of Russian National Research Medical University of moscow.As a proud student of this medical university,would like to thank MEDIC ED for opening up the pathways to pursue my dream in becoming a medical doctor. Being a student of such diversified course of study,ive given the chance to expand my knowledge and also my contacts all over the world,which i hope, this will take me to greater heights.MEDIC ED have created an easy living environment for me in foreign land.My heartfelt grattitude to DR.HO for his guidance ,assistance,and encouragements (with a little display of humour) and not forgetting the MEDIC ED staffs,whom have been always there to assist me in the most effective and least complicated manner.I have no qualms about recommending MEDIC ED to anybody who requires assistance in medical studies in overseas. THANK YOU MEDIC ED.

    Agilaadeswari Vasuthevan (RSMU 2nd Year)
    Agilaadeswari Vasuthevan (RSMU 2nd Year)
  • Medic Ed is a good consultant. They care about their students. They gave us the briefing, what to do next, the things to buy and everything not like other agents, I’m thankful for being under this consultant.Besides that they will handle us until we graduate.

    Musmalini Humairah (1st Year USU)
    Musmalini Humairah (1st Year USU)
  • Medic-ed provides me the chance to pursue my medical course in Russia at an affordable cost. Studying in Russia really makes me learn a lot in my life. Learn to be independent, learn how to solve problems, Russian cultures and of course medical knowledge. I also had many unforgettable n meaningful experiences there that i will not have in Malaysia. All these made me into a stronger and tougher person so that I can survive in the future society. thank you...

    Corine Chua (RSMU, 1st Year)
    Corine Chua (RSMU, 1st Year)

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