Who Knows Medical Than We Do, We Are All Doctors

As students before, we’ve experienced many hurdles and obstacles to achieving our dream of being a doctor today. Through that, we want to ensure that students today have the best pathway to being a doctor for the future.

Introducing you, Medic ED 360 Coverage.

We’re with you every step through to being a doctor.

Consultancy Services

Our doctors will consult you on
what’s best through their own experience

Environment Assimilation

We provide language and
cultural classesfor students
to adapt into new environment

Financial Assistance

We’re providing loans of
RM500K a year with interest free

*T&C Applies

Career Assurance

Once graduated, students are
ensured of a job offer by Medic ED
and partners

Medic ED 360˙ Coverage

Step 01 : Consultancy Services

1. Medic ED’s doctor will consult students according to their choices based on their personal experiences.
2. We will help students to register Foundation in Science (F.I.S.) in TMC College.

Why Do We Offer This?

1. Medic ED is founded by doctors who were once students. We know what are your concerns, worries and doubts unlike any other agents.

Step 02 : Environment Assimilation

1. During Foundation In Science, we will provide Russian Language and Russian Cultural Class for students to adapt into new environment.
2. We also provide Entrance Exam Intensive Class for students to prepare their Indonesia entrance exam.
3. Students’ will be taught 1st year medical course syllabus before they enrol to the Medical University.
4. Our doctors will give medical talks to students.

Why Do We Offer This?

1. We ensure that students are well prepared and equipped to perform better at their studies - both culturally and academically.
2. We want the best for students and that includes having a great experience studying abroad.

Step 03 : Financial Assistance

1. Financial assistance will be provided: Medic ED’s Interest Free Loan RM 500k per year. (Terms & Conditions Apply)
2. We have appointed representatives in all Universities to look after student’s welfare as well.
3. Medic ED’s doctors will guide students on their studies where and when necessary.

Why Do We Offer This?

1. No child should be stopped from achieving their dreams especially monetary wise. We want to help best possible at every angle.
2. This includes making sure that the students have the right guidance and tools through our experienced doctors; who is the best person that can relate to students.

Step 04 : Career Assurance

1. Upon graduation, students will be assist on their documentation procedures and registration with Malaysia Medical Council (MMC).
2. Our group of companies consist of TMC College, Suaviss Lab White, Hospital Aman, Mediviron Clinic, Skin Medic and Red Apple Dental. Therefore, we are capable to offer job guarantee for our future doctors.
3. We also offer graduates to be our partners in operating new clinics when they have completed their government services.

Why Do We Offer This?

1. We always ensure our graduates gets a job security and that their hard work do not go to waste.
2. With our portfolio of existing companies, we will always have a place for you.